Generate My Banner Ads

Design, create and download multiple banner sizes at once

Just submit your link and our algorithm will scan your page and import
the relevant ingredients such as logo, texts, images, colors and fonts
then it will generate professional unique creative ad sets just for you
to use them on any advertising platform you would like 


HTML5 Ads | Static Banners | Facebook Ads | Video Ads

With ScannerAd you can Generate creative for all device types and sizes
Dynamic banners - HTML5 Ads  & Static Banners Ads - JPG & PNG
728x90 | 300x600 | 300x160 | 300x120 | 300x250 | 468x60 | 320x50
Facebook Native Ads | Video Ads - MP4

more then 100 dynamic styles!

Generate My Banner Ads

Example Of Banner Ads 


What is ScannerAd?

ScannerAd is an online service/tool for generating banner ads by scanning a website quickly and efficiently as possible. Giving you direct access to powerful features, ScannerAd is perfect for users who want to cut straight to the point.

Do I need to have designing skills?

No. ScannerAd is ideal for anybody who is interested in creating creative ad's. You don't need any skills in design. The process for creating banners is automatically. faster then professionals will done it for you.

Can I change my membership level anytime?

Yes, You can change your membership level with any time with several clicks. Just log into your account and go to Account Setting, select the new membership level you want and you're done.

What types and formats of creative I can export?

  • ScannerAd generates creative for all device types and Sizes of IAB and all Major Ad Exchanges.
  • With ScannerAd you can export : 
    Dynamic banners - HTML5 Ads
    Static Banners Ads - JPG & PNG
    Facebook Ads  - Native Ads
    Video Ads - MP4

    more coming soon...

Can I reuse a creative previously downloaded?

Yes, you can re-edit and re-download creative as many as you need

Can ScannerAd serve my ad?

No. scannerAd is not an ad server, and any HTML for the Ads generated the Application Service is not to be directly embedded for use on the web. Customer must transfer the HTML to a proper ad server.

Can I get a refund?

No, if you already download creative which are digital product then we canot refund.

Visit Refund policy

What about support?

If you have questions about using ScannerAd please don't hesitate to Contact Us.
We provide support from Monday to Friday,  9AM to 5PM
We will be happy to assist you with all your needs.